TDF 16ms #0

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Online Demoparty



TDF 16ms #0 is an online demoparty. TDF 16ms is a small, experimental, and online demoparty with the essence of the Tokyo Demo Fest experience. Hang out, watch the stream together, and have fun on Discord!

The compo deadline will be Saturday, October 14, 2023, 23:59 (UTC+9).

The party will be held in Sunday, October 22, 2023 (UTC+9).

The event will be streamed on YouTube.


You need to register to submit prods and vote for prods.

We are going to use wuhu as a party system.

To register to wuhu, votekey is required. Votekey requests are accepted in the #votekey-request channel in our Discord.



All times are in JST (UTC+9).


For this party, as in the regular Tokyo Demo Fest, there will be five competitions (compos).

There are compos for music and graphics as well as demos. Feel free to participate!


There are compos for following categories:


The compo deadline will be Saturday, October 14, 2023, 23:59 (UTC+9).

Compo Machine

It's probably going to be a Windows machine with RTX 3080 on it.

General Rules

Combined Graphics Compo

The competition for single-image graphics entries.

Consider the following subcategories:

4K Executable Graphics

Freestyle Graphics


Combined Music Compo

This is the compo for musical entries.

Consider the following subcategories:

Tracked Music

Streaming Music

Executable Music

Wild Compo

A competition for entries that do not fit within the Combined PC Compo, the Graphics Compo, or the Music Compo.

We expect the following kind of works, but not limited to:

GLSL Graphics Compo

A GLSL fragment Shader displaying a graphical demo.

Here are some tutorials on getting started with GLSL if you need:

Combined PC Demo Compo

The competition for the highest-performing Windows-based demos.

Consider the following subcategories:

PC Demo

PC 64K Intro

PC 4K Intro

Browser Demo

Code of Conduct

Tokyo Demo Fest is a party where people of various backgrounds from all over the world gather to enjoy all the activities of the demoscene.

At an event where people gather, regardless of local events or online events, problems may happen among people, and the purpose of "having fun together" may not be achieved. Unfortunately, there have been some cases where problems have occurred at past demoparties.

To make the party safe and enjoyable for all participants, we ask for cooperation in ensuring you follow the code of conduct below.

Welcome behavior

Welcome behaviors are:

Unacceptable behaviors

Unacceptable behaviors include below, but are not limited to:


If you have received, seen, or noticed any of those unacceptable behaviors, please contact us using the methods below:


If the organizer confirms unacceptable behavior, depending on the degree, the orga will take measures such as requesting correction, apology, warning, order to leave (kick), or permanent ban. We will also contact the police if necessary.


For questions about the party or compos, Please contact us by email or Discord.